Need some Wheel help ?

handy little page i came across for vintage wheels.


My New site: Hellis4Heroes

Have set up a new site dedicated to Automotive goings on here in ireland … and will post those pics in future to this site …..  thanks and share .

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Retro Car kings

Fan of vintage Japanese motors ? then you need to watch this .

VOTD: Me Karting

Not my usual post but i do give a go at many forms of motorsport …. Group of mates have been taking part in a lot of karting time trials / tournaments lately . Great buzz and were lucky to have one of the best tracks in Europe local to us. Soon to be the biggest indoor track in the world .

So here is a quick vid from the National Kart Centre Limerick , Endurance race 10/02/2013 – new track layout . (my time of 1.06.073 has placed 3rd ) . i held the record for 4 months on the old track till this week when the track layout got changed 🙂 .

Shot with a GoPro hero 2 with the more open case .

Maze Keeping The Faith

So Much Ae86 and S-body goodness

VOTD: Rockey Auto KPGC10

Nice vid by Xcar …. Skyline packing an unusal engine …. 1971 Nissan Skyline KPGC10 by Rocky Auto

votd: Sanfrancisco Skyline